About UPR Resiliency Law Center

About UPR Resiliency Law Center (RLC)

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Our work is based on the proposition that fair representation and participation of Puerto Rico’s local community leaders in the planning and implementation of disaster recovery processes and among grant and contract recipients results in sustainable economic growth, faster rebuilding, and less waste. With that in mind, we aim for a Puerto Rico disaster recovery and rebuilding process and project in which local communities are meaningfully involved and engaged in a disaster recovery and rebuilding that is effective, fair and resilient and strengthened to advocate powerfully for policies that promote Puerto Rican communities’ resiliency and fight climate change.


We believe that a primary cause of recovery programs’ failure in Puerto Rico is that Federal recovery managers are bypassing local community organizations and populations, causing that the decision-making process be overly centralized. That is why our mission is to shift the balance of power toward local communities and to ensure that disaster recovery and rebuilding in Puerto Rico is effective, fair and resilient, and that climate change issues are taken into account.



UPR Law School Trust Fund

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Natalia Ortiz-Bermudez – Student Intern                                       Puerto Rico Science Trust

Giovanna Castro-Matos – Volunteer Student                                Bernie Kluger – Consultant

Reilly Moorse – Consultant