Puerto Rico disaster recovery and rebuilding processes and projects, in which local communities are meaningfully involved and engaged in a disaster recovery and rebuilding that is effective, fair and resilient, and strengthened to advocate powerfully for policies that promote Puerto Rican communities’ resiliency and fight climate change.


To shift the balance of power toward local communities and to ensure that disaster recovery and rebuilding in Puerto Rico is effective, fair and resilient, and that climate change issues are taken into account.

Principles values

  • Commitment: collaborative effort with communities and individuals in Puerto Rico. This entails the search for solutions to the needs of citizens to live with dignity, respect and equity.
  • Solidarity: promote coexistence among all human beings, regardless of gender, their cultural background or their human group of belonging. Being supportive implies showing respect for others, mutual support and interdependence.
  • Social Justice: According to Peñaranda (2015), it is the historical process that seeks to guarantee the conditions of a sociocultural and individual nature that allow all human beings to lead a dignified life, in which they are assured of opportunities for the realization of their needs, aspirations and interests, and thus deploy their potential.
  • Sustainability: focus efforts taking into account the social, environmental and public dimension.
  • Proactivity: responsibility to make things happen


Michelle Alvarado Lebrón, Directora Ejecutiva
Ninotchka Rojas Marrero
Gerente de Proyectos
Natalia Ortiz Bermúdez Coordinadora de Capacitación
Vianka Bernardi
Asistente Administrativo
Amy Orta Rivera
Consultora de Abogacía
Naudelis Fernández Reyes
Abogada en área de Abogacía
Ninoshka Picart Reyes
Licenciada de Cambio Climático
Yamilette Albino Rodríguez
Abogada en Cambio Climático
Annie Rivera Cruz
Licenciada de Subvenciones y Contratos Federales
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